Five things modern and elegant man should not wear

Five things modern and elegant man should not wear
Rubber flip-flops
Sandals, flip-flops, and even more names mean the same terrible thing. This type of shoe, dare I say it, was originally meant for the beach, and ... nothing has changed! Flip-flops are still meant to be only for the beach! Of course, I'm not now suggesting that all men in the future, while taking the step from the sand to the asphalt, should immediately change their slip-ons to leather shoes. But DO NOT under any circumstances wear them in the city. It is rude in some way. The argument "but everyone does that" is not valid. Even if many people do that. You should do better than others.
Cheap watch
I believe that a watch is the main accessory for men, so you should not save money on that. If you are a businessman or an office worker, you should know that watch is an indicator of its owner’s status. And if you think that no one knows the difference, believe me, it's not true.
Clothing in not suitable size.
Dear men, I am sure that 80% of those who are currently reading this article do not know their size and buy clothes that are one or two sizes bigger. You do not look good in this type of clothes. Trust me finding a suitable size suit or taking it to a dressmaker for correction is not that difficult. Don’t be lazy, there is a lot of information about this online.
Wife beater (undershirt)
In Russian, it is also called the alcoholic shirt. So technically it is a term. After hearing any of the names, you can imagine the association you will create to anyone around you. You should never wear that anywhere. It is underwear, moreover, it is worn very rarely nowadays. Of course, the most terrible combination, flip-flops, a wife-beater shirt, and a tracksuit. The man of the dreams! By the way...
The problem is not even really in the outfit itself, but in where it is used. You won't believe it, but the tracksuit is designed for sports! Not for walks along the sea, not for sitting on the sofa at home, not for a café, and not for a random date with a girl.
And you don't need to say that "it's comfortable for me and who sees me at home?". You can also be comfortable in jeans and a regular t-shirt, but at home your partner also sees you. If you don't have a partner, throw away the flip-flops, and the wife-beater shirt, start going to the gym in your tracksuit, and who knows, maybe everything will change!