5 style mistakes that make
you older and bulky

5 style mistakes that make you older and bulky
Every woman should know the basic techniques of creating a style that will let her look elegant, feminine, and appropriate for her age, underline her advantages and hide the disadvantages. Following a few simple principles will make age your ally, not your enemy. For example, if you wear a skirt of the wrong length or a hairstyle that does not match the shape of your face, you can visually become ten years older or five kilograms heavier. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes must be learned and fixed. Below you will learn some of the most common style mistakes that make a woman look a few years older and a few kilograms heavier.
Too much black
The black color can look very elegant. Who does not know little black dress! But it is important to remember that black color makes you look older. And if you are no longer 16 or even 32 (for a long time), bright accessories must be added to a black outfit! Reason: as we age, the skin becomes paler and loses its elasticity. Black clothing accentuates these features even more.
And if you plan to hide imperfections under black clothing, you are wrong. Sometimes, it makes it stand out even more. There are so much better options for body visual correction.
Too wide clothing
There is no point in trying to hide the body imperfections with baggy clothes. This style will make you look bigger than you are. If you think that you will hide these imperfections in loose clothing, you are wrong! Buy clothes that fit you just right.
Too long skirt
Just because you inevitably get older, you shouldn't forget that is another than the maxi skirt. If you have beautiful legs, why hide them? Often, a midi length or a length above the knee looks much better.
Unsuitable eyeglass frames
If you wear glasses, you should choose the frame very carefully - so that it is suitable for your face shape and overall image. Glasses are very important! A wrongly chosen and unfashionable eyeglass frame will make you look several years older. Glasses are an accessory that is worn for a long time and constantly.
Avoid shoes on the platform
Platform shoes often dominate the fashion world, but just because they're trendy doesn't mean they'll look good on you. If you are a grown woman and your legs sometimes swell, the platform will visually make your legs even more swollen. Choose elegant shoes with a small heel and you will see that you will look much better!
If you want to wear platform high-heeled shoes, they should be planned thoughtfully because it is easy to look vulgar and cheap.