How to wear white shoes in the cold season?

How to wear white shoes in the cold season?
White color can be easily combined with almost all shades and at the same time looks neutral and restrained just like the dark version. In addition, this season, the milk color palette has been declared one of the most fashionable - another important argument in favor of the fact that you can choose white shoes in the cold season.
With gray jeans
To make your white boots look more suitable for winter, swap your usual blue jeans for a gray pair. In combination with a basic dark top, a light accessory will be a great accent. In this case, we recommend choosing shoe models with black soles and heels.
With totally black
A contrasting white accent paired with a black outfit will make the whole look more eye-catching. This will not give the impression that the shoes are not suitable for the season. You can complement the outfit with a black, gray, or beige coat.
With an overcoat
White boots, ankle boots, and Chelsea boots combined with a long oversize coat will make the overall image more noticeable.
With corduroy
A corduroy suit in neutral tones will be an interesting addition to the wardrobe in the cold season. White boots will perfectly complement it.
With wool dress
We also like to wear dresses in winter. Often, in order not to freeze, we choose long warm models made of wool or cashmere. Complement the dress with long or short boots in white or cream color.